PRotect your home from squirrels

Squirrels frequently make their way into homes, thus landing themselves in the category of "nuisance pests." They can find their way into your attic, chimney and walls, chewing on electrical wires and causing damage to the structure of your home. They also leave behind urine and feces that carry diseases and make for a nasty clean-up.
AFE takes care of it all. We locate the point of entry, remove unwanted nuisance pests and provide professional repairs.

6 County Coverage: Clinton County, Essex County, St. Lawrence County, Franklin County, Hamilton County and Warren County!

Don't let these pesky animals destroy your home or business!

Prevent further damage to your:

Dry Wall

Electrical Wiring


Great experience. We had a skunk stuck in a havahart trap when trying to get our lost cat back. Jim was fast, and extremely professional. We were very impressed and highly recommend his service!!Molly Martindale
Absolutely fantastic service. Called Jim at 11:00 at night for a trapped skunk, he came first thing in the morning to remove the skunk. Very reasonable rates, very professional. Would recommend for anyone who has nuisance wildlife.Chris Allen


AFE is here to help; day or night! We offer 24/7 service so call us today and sleep more soundly knowing your pest problem is under control.

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